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Remedies for Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Having an obstinate dandruff? Are your itchy flakes driving you crazy? If so, you have a common skin disorder that affects the scalp, face, upper chest, and other oily parts of the body.

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This is however not a harmful or contagious disease.
Dandruff is often known as 'dry scalp', but people with oily head skin are likely to suffer the most. This is because the fungus that is responsible for causing dandruff feeds on the oil secreted from our hair so more the oil more the feed more the dandruff.
The problem is however being curable if certain remedies are to be followed:
Keeps your hair clean by washing them using an anti-dandruff shampoo? The main function of anti-dandruff shampoo is to wash away and remove the dead skin cells faster than they can be shed. This is the only way to keep your scalp healthy and clean.
Do not make use of dryer excessively as using a hair dryer too frequently, or bleaching and coloring of your hair and excess use of hair sprays and gels may exacerbate the dandruff.
The dryness Massage some oil on your scalp about 3 times a week. Never rinse it out. To relieve itching, natural oils such as Lavender, German Chamomile, and Eucalyptus can have a significant soothing effect when mixed together and dabbed locally on affected areas. Add this oil with water and apply them directly or mix them with the shampoo or conditioner help to remove dandruff.
There are a large number of ways which can be followed to get free from itching as well as dandruff

Dandruff is usually two fungi, Malassezia Furfur and Pityrosporum ovale, that reside in the human body.

The fungus sometimes creates an imbalance, so that the renewal of skin cells leads to an overload of dead cells being shed.

Most of the dandruff shampoos which claim to reduce dandruff , however they contains many more chemical which when applied on skin, there are more chances of an adverse reaction.
Hormonal imbalance because dandruff usually starts after puberty and is more common in men than women.

Dandruff problem can be hereditary too.
Dandruff is contagious. One cannot ‘catch’ dandruff from someone else, such as by using his brush or comb.

Dandruff and Itchy Scalp Causes & Symptoms

Dandruff the word itself is seems to be threatening as no one has to suffer from the problem of having it. However it is an unfortunate problem that many people suffer from at some stage in their lives. Think of having dandruff when you have an important appointment or date it’s really a frustrating situation.
Dryness and itching probably aren't the only problems.

Dry skin is also more likely to wrinkle and develop fine lines. But there are ways to deal with the dryness, and leave your skin smooth, soft and hydrated.
The first thing however before taking any cure is that one must be familiar of the various causes which result in dry itchy skin as well as dandruff.